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Celebrating the 5 steps of Affirmative Prayer and two New Thought Days !


Celebrating the diverse rainbow of New Thought paths and their shared principles.

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Fantastic Talks with Affirmative Prayer, positive Affirmations and explorations of New Thought Today!

Brother Mangus
New Thought in the Morning

Rise and shine to the Divine with Brother Mangus.

Divine Scientist
Time for a Divine Adventure.

Awaken to the Divine Life! Experiment with the higher forces. Delve into DivineUnity.

North Island Kiwi
"Learn to Turn." Each soul must learn to say "no" to what is not wanted and "yes" to what is. Consciously turn to the light!

Kiwi Talk show with daring host who enjoys seasoned salty talk. If you call in, be prepared for interruptions and general riffs on whatever you thought you wanted to share.

Steve Walling
New Thought Talks

Interviews with New Thought Leaders and luminaries.

New Thought Conferences

Unlike old thought traditions, these conferences are generally open to all if you have the cash !

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Prices Vary

  • When calculating remember to include the plane flight, car rental and any other expenses.
  • Advance purchase is cheaper
  • Some New Thought Conferences are not fully inclusive and thus do not represent New Thought but in fact represent the "Transdenomination" of the main sponsors.
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Depending on the Conference

Prices Vary

  • Some New Thought Conferences are at sea. Do your research ! On the Cruiseline and their history, etc ... Keep in mind that you will be crowded in with a lot of people. Sometimes the ships break down. Be prepared!
  • Sometimes they are on trains, or in distant locations.
  • Do your research !
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New Thought

is a phrase with two words: "New" and "Thought." NEW means novel, not old. THOUGHT is the result of the process of the mind. You can train the mind; you can only open the heart. You cannot train your heart or force your feelings. Yet as your train your mind, your heart will follow. It has been proven that by using the 7 Tools of Transformation we change our lives. These are the Keys to Heaven on earth right now!

New Thought

is a Spiritual Path which affirms that humanity is in an ongoing process of co-creation with the Divine. This contrasts with those spiritual paths which push submission. This basic difference is of paramount importance. Spiritual paths which affirm the truth of co-creation and cooperation lead to higher functioning individuals and societies which empower the greatest number of souls. Spiritual paths which push submission often struggle due to oppression and generate many challenges because of the ultimate conclusions of such a path which are gradiations of BDSM societies. An all powerful God of Peace and love does not need submission to assuage its ego.

There are key questions that one can ask to determine if one is New Thought:

  • 1. Do you believe in the unity of all life and the unity of all life with the Divine Energy that is the root and fruit of all being?
  • 2. Do you believe in spiritual evolution?
  • 3. Do you believe in the goodness of Spirit and in our innate goodness?
  • 4. Do you believe that humanity has a great future and that this future is ours to co-create with each other for shared Good?
  • 5. Do you believe in responsibility and compassion?
  • 6. Do you take full responsibility for your life as a free, spontaneous, and unique individualization of the Divine?
  • 7. Do you believe that people embody Divine love through compassionate action?
  • 8. Do you believe in using doctors and healers to achieve healing and feel that any condition can be transformed through the power of the mind?
  • 9. Do you respect all love based ministries and compassionate spiritual paths?
  • 10. Do you believe in harmony among diverse peoples, cultures, families, and life styles of the world rooted in and respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
  • 11. Do you believe in spiritual transformation?
  • 12. Do you believe that people, including you can evolve, grow and change for the better?

If you answered, "yes" to the above questions, then you are most likely a New Thought adherent.

New Thought History

chronicles a movement that is most often described as beginning with a man named Phineas Quimby. Yet it can be equally and validly concluded that New Thought began with the Transcendentalist movement, within the Unitarian and Congregationalist teachings, or that New Thought began with Anne Hutchinson in 1638. It can also be validly argued that New Thought does not begin until the term New Thought is used. You will need to decide that for yourself. 19th Century New Thought was largely, though not completely, Abrahamic in nature. 20th Century New Thought was more openly diverse in thought and form. The Science of Mind tradition which began in the 19th Century with John Bascom, blossomed in the 20th Century with the work of the Holmes brothers who created Religious Science (Today they call themselves Center for Spiritual Living).

The Abrahamic path within New Thought found a true champion with the creation of the UFBL which not only continued the 19th Century Abrahamic type of New Thought, but intensified it with a solid biblical approach and powerful metaphysical work that is practical and combined with finding parallel teachings in other religious traditions to support the premise they propound. The Universal Foundation for Better Living blossomed from the experiences of Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman at Unity Village in Misery, USA. Because New Thought is not homogeneous, and due to its nature could not be under the control of a high council or Pope type leader, new groups are forming on a regular basis: 20th Century New Thought also spawned the Holmes brothers' Religious Science and Albert Grier's Church of Truth. Toward the end of the end of the 20th Century, the Religious Scientists changed their name to Center For Spiritual Living. According to esteemed Religious Scientists such as Rev. Richard Imprescia, this was due to fears of being confused with Scientology and Christian Science. Although New Thought did not see major growth in the 20th Century, it has continued as a metaphysical tradition. Whereas old New Thought leans heavily on a process of institutionalizing potential leadership in order to inclulcate certain mindsets, New Millennial New Thought affirms the power of shared beliefs and values for networking with like minded individuals. Some feel that the reason New Thought failed to thrive in the 20th Century was due to an excessive focus on nonsense Prosperity teachings in contrast to actual prosperity teachings. Beginning around 1980, the focus of 20th Century New Thought in the United States was on what is now known as the false-Prosperity Gospel and the Law of Attraction. Perhaps this is what led to the dramatic drop in attendance at New Thought Communities across the country. The 21st Century is demonstrating growth in the number of adherents but a decline in attendance at old New Thought centers. From 2011 to 2015, 21% of the New Thought communities across the USA closed.
We feel that as New Millennial New Thought Communities are increasingly organized, we will see more people congregating into local communities. Perhaps the most important part of this trend is the new emphasis on democracy and a move away from the old false-Prosperity Gospels while adherents move toward higher principles being unveiled through the ability to both aggregate and parse information at levels previously not possible.

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